LOL. Never fails. Sit down at the computer (get up in front of the ward at church) and everything that I wanted to type (say) just blanks out of my head! At least in front of the computer, I have time on my side to figure it out and not stammer through an incomplete testimony (such as I did this morning) sounding like a total idiot. But, like everything else that has been thrown at me as of late, once again I have been shown how this too has its purpose.

It seems that the very process of attempting to write this up is turning out to be a helpful form of self-help therapy. I’m pretty sure I always knew it would be, as I certainly must have found to be in the past, but I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and do it. My mind wanders something awful and I can never actually stay on track, or topic so’s to speak. It’s an embarrassing habit when you’re talking to people face-to-face. It’s horrifying when you do it on paper. But I do it often…So I will finish this thought process tomorrow…


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