Hello world! (Part 1)

When a Poet Can’t Write

Once upon a lifetime ago
split as I may have been;
The demons that tormented my
mind, heart and soul
could be vanquished by the
stroke of my pen.

Time has passed by and I’m
somewhat more whole
But the demons still
slash at my heart!
Yet when I grab my pen
the ink has run dry
my mind and soul left
torn apart.

K. Scheuer© 12.05.2010

08.07.12 I wrote the above poem, “When a Poet Can’t Write” almost 2 years ago now in an attempt to knock down the proverbial wall that has blocked me from writing since 2006. Despite the fact that it was a short piece, I still allowed myself to believe that its’ very existence was a sign of success, and that I was well on my way to writing more amazing poetic pieces of art. Maybe even a few short stories! But Alas, as I’ve stated, that was almost 2 years ago now. I’ve no other pieces of art to show for it. Nothing finished at least. I do seem to have quite a number of pieces that I’ve started; one or two even manage to get more than four lines before SLAM! Straight into that wall I run as it literally pops up out of NOWHERE!!

08.11.12 I recently came across the composition book that I was primarily working in before I died. (Now I realize that I have chosen an incredibly Drama Queen/Diva~ish word by using died in that sentence. I also realize that by italicizing AND underling that word, I’ve implied something rather dramatic happened; however, since I am in fact writing this, I could not have actually DIED, could I? All I am going to say is this: find a way to mark this spot and watch for the link to be attached to that word. It’s part of the story-should you choose to stick around! =D) November 18th, 2006 was the date of the last poem I wrote from beginning to end. It was a poem written to my 8 month old baby boy Lucas titled “How Can I Not?”

How Can I not?

(For Lucas)

How can I not

absorb your wet

kisses on my cheek?

(And nose, and chin…)

How can I not

be amused when you

suck on my shoulder?

(or chin or cheek…)

How can I not

smirk at your smile

when I stub my toe?

(or bump my shin

and almost fall…)

How can I not

burst into laughter

at the way you giggle

at the mere sight

of my bare breast?

How can I not

feel like the center

of the universe from

the way your face

lights up when you

see me smile at you?

How can I not

cry with you when

you are sad or hurting?

Then be tickled

pink when a mere kiss

seems to make

you all better?

With each passing day

I fall more

deeply in love;

with who you are,

who you will

grow to be.

I ask you simply

How can I not?

 Copyright © 2006 Kyla M. Scheuer

08.17.12 Now, as I looked over all the poems preceding “How Can I Not”, I noticed they all seemed to have one thing in particular in common; intense emotions.

Well, duh!  Isn’t that what poetry is all about?

Yes, but that isn’t my point. And again, yes I have one. However, I’m not telling you what it is…yet. For that is sort of the point of this particular blog. To tell the part of my story that is told through my poetry and other such writing. What inspired which pieces, why, and when; that sort of stuff.

08.20.12 I am just about ready to start this part of my blog. Now, I know it appears as though I have started and have been working on said blog for quite some time, but none of this is as of yet posted. It is all neatly typed up in a Word document while I try to get as many of my poems loaded up on the blog site as I can while also working up this here introductory page. If everything works the way I’m hoping, I’ll be able to insert links to the poems as I get to them in the story instead of having to insert the entire poem!

08.28.12 Wow! So much has been happening, and I’ve already fallen behind both on this and my regular blog!! What’s up with that!! But I am determined to get this up today, and I will get an explanatory blog up on my regular blog as well!! So, wish us luck, and I hope you enjoy the story as we go!! God Bless and much Love!! ~

♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Kyla ~ ♥ ♥


4 responses to “Hello world! (Part 1)

  1. Wow! Such an amazing task you’ve set before yourself, and to share the journey with an unknown public? Scary!!!!
    Good luck to you, Kyla. I look forward to traveling down this road with you, and hopefully we shall learn and share much!!

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