99 Red Balloons



Oh, ha ha ha! Thought that last strand of sanity I vicariously dangle from had finally snapped.

I think I am currently blessed by my damaged brains’ inability to recall the feelings and

images of anything beyond the 99 red balloons floating across the retina of my minds’ eye

as Nina belts out her goofy tribute and my heart races at the recollection of the sanity almost lost.

Far Away by Nickelback is beginning to play now. Total shift in thoughts…


One response to “99 Red Balloons

  1. I love that song!! AND, I bet I even get what your saying: the music is the only thing still holding you to your current state of reality while you’re trying to deal with something catastrophic that has just happened, right? I do the same thing. God Bless honey. We’ll hold ya here!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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