Do I Exist?


Can anyone hear me?

Does anyone care?

I feel like I’m all alone,

fighting the world in a war.


I always seem to mess things up.

Hurting people I love,

And people I care for;

is there any way out?


I don’t want a war,

between my family and friends;

or the people around me

whether I know them or not.


All I ever wanted

was to make people happy;

to cheer up their day

when they’re feeling blue.


Am I wrong to hate anger?

All the fighting in the world?

It serves no purpose,

but to hurt people very dear.


Am I wrong to hate sadness?

All the tear causing pain?

What purpose does it have,

but to bring pain unto others?


Yet here I am

Doing what I hate;

angering others

Family and friends.


There are times I wish

I didn’t exist;

there are times I wonder

if I even do.


But someday I know.

Everything will change,

the world will finally be happy,

and will finally live in peace.


All my questions

will finally be answered,

and all my mixed up feelings

Finally unconfused.


Copyright © 1984 


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