From Behind.  Now what do you reckon THAT means? I really want to share this; I laughed rather heartily when the shocking truth of the whole sordid ordeal came to light. However, I fear I might be disowned. You’d have laughed though, honest.  All because of a misunderstanding.

WTF ~ We ALL know what this stands for, right? And LOL~ Total no-brainers! EVERYONE knows these are What The F*ck and Laugh Out Loud. They’ve been around 4-Ever!! Like, who doesn’t know that?!? Yes, I have a point. I was talking with a friend about the joys of misunderstandings. She shared these last two with me. A client of hers, trying to keep up with her teens and the whole texting scene thought WTF meant With The Family and LOL Lots Of Love. Her family and friends thought she was having a nervous breakdown!

“On my way to church WTF!”

“Sorry to hear about your Uncles’ death. LOL”

And All because of a misunderstanding.


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