FE3l1N6 D34D

Losing control

Losing all I’ve ever known

Why won’t people leave it all alone?

I just want to find my Home!

I’m looking at the man in the mirror

He’s looking back-I realize it’s my own horror

Images of the Dead flash through my eyes

Why won’t the Burning image of their bodies stay behind?

I’m trapped-caged in my own prison-snap-snared

Flies eating the eyes of the dead

The ashes encased forever in the footprints of the followers like sand

People such as I wish for death

People such as I cry for we have nothing left

I’m a pest-petty theft-next comes ultimate death

I see my breath-as I die my dragon’s Breath Burns longer

postponing my fate a litter further

I defied God-Turned my back from what good He brought

I defiled His earth-sent my soul straight to Hell

Gave into the Devil-his temptation too strong for my loathing incarceration.

A second chance at life-thrown away-for I do not know my actions wrong from right

I kill in the middle of the night-watch as the bright from their eyes fade to gray

I know there is no way for my escape.

I’m doomed for eternity in my purgatory-I’m sorry But I do not regret my choices

I gave up everything for love

Now I’m willing to give things I don’t have-just for the love I once had

None of this makes sense! This is a story of something that was once Innocence!

All this is said in pain of emotions I didn’t know I could gain

Fluster of emotions

From anger to hatred

Then to joy and happiness

I can’t break this chain

Maybe that’s why All these words are confusing again

Because you can’t understand what I see-what I feel

How someone can love something then want it dead the next second

Dreams of waking in a field-Blood soaked clothes, blood stained soles

Everyone on ropes-hanging from the streetlights and telephone poles

My hope for a revolt gone because I did not heed HIS warnings

I can’t be set free-sent from Hells’ Crypt

Put here to destroy what I only FEEL I despise-life itself

I wreak havoc-My habit-I I can’t stop causing panic-I’ll create a pandemic

Slaughtering everything on this planet

All of this because I can’t quit-I must be put to an end quick

Hurry-the flash beginning-everything is now ending.

Copyright © 2011 Logan B. R. Scheuer


One response to “FE3l1N6 D34D

  1. My 16 yr old son wrote this one last year. First ‘clean’ one, and my absolute favorite!!! Hope you all like it as well! I’m trying to help him get this one put to music so we can get him recorded ~ even if it is just for me! =)

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