I hope the contents do not offend…


Bitch, they called me
I became one
In every essence.
Heartless and cold,
A woman scorned
And a woman too old
To continue to play
The games in life.
How can you become
Frigid on the outside
When there is still
A woman who loves
Embedded within?

But when you’ve been nice
For so long
And the people demand
You to stay strong,
I simply say,
I think I am owed this one.

When a good woman
Goes bad,
You wish you had
The nerves to love
Her right!
Her fight,
Is within everything
That she blames fault
For her distraught!

As derogatory as
Bitch is, and does not
Define me, But I can see the motivation
Behind your name calling.
I became every bit
Of the same
Somewhat insane
But nothing like the man
I called a callous fuck!
You know they say
What goes up
Must come down So I am still standing around
Waiting for you and that ego
To plummet to the ground…

I guess misery does love company.

Yep, you made me one!
The same bitch who loved
With every sensation within
Her being.
The one that is now
And somewhat believing…
That with this empty
Holding place in my chest,
How can I be warm,
When I’m heartless…?
I suggest;
That when I get to spraying
You get on your knees
And start praying,
That I don’t get the nerves
Or idiotic notion
For revenge!

I use to take offense to the term
The more I degenerate into one
I tend to learn…
That an experience shouldn’t
Make you digress.
You live…
And you go on,
And sometimes you ignore
The same strength
That others say make you strong
Because you feel
You no longer belong
In the land of
The nice ones.

Another one bites the dusk.

It’s amazing how you
Will label a wounded woman
A bitch…
The light in her eyes, Another had turned off the switch…
Left her for dead in a ditch,
And instead of comforting…
You label her a

Well, yep!
That will be I for now.
Another good one
Goes down,
In the flames of hell
But please allow me
To spell
It out for you!

B- Bigger and Better than to fall into your faults
I- Intelligent enough to know the strength of my wrath
T- Tougher interior due to strife
C- Cold but not heartless, experienced in life
H- Hormonal, in a sense of tapping into the emotions of my path

I am in tuned
With my bitchiness,
And although no one likes
To be called a bitch!
I own this one, this time
And hope that
The experience
Will enrich.
A good woman gone bad
But capable of
The switch…
But right now,
I’ll be that BITCH!!!

The title

source: http://www.ellemclin.com/poetry-2/lifes-xperiencez/btch




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