A Poets’ Desire

A Poets’ Desire


I desire to write

something awesome

A write that will touch

the soul

Something so


A story never

before told.

A phenomenal

work of art

To invoke such

loving tears;

But I’ve no idea

where to start

A write that may surpass

my years.

I desire to compose

something beautiful

That every reader will be

compelled to share;

A poem about love,

life and creation

Something that

truly expresses

how much I care.

I’d like to tell of

all the writers

whose words have so

touched my heart

The folks I’ve met

within a writers’ circle

Of which I’d like

to believe

I am a part.

I wish I could convey

the feelings that

their words

invoke within me

And how these

wonderful people

Have become part of

my extended family.

I desire to write

something awesome

But I’m afraid

this is all

I could find;

I hope it conveys

how much their

friendships have meant,

And repays their

affections in kind.

Copyright© K.M. Scheuer 10.27.06


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