Up late last night with the baby again

Trying to keep him quiet

When Daddy doesn’t get his precious sleep

He causes quite the riot.


Thought he would be there to help me out

To willingly lend a hand

But unless I force the babe upon him

I’m pretty much a single parent again.


Don’t get me wrong, he pays all the bills

So that I can be home with the kids

But does that entitle him to ignore my needs?

Like he’s punishing me for some wrong I did?


Not to worry, I shall be fine

It’s not like I need to sleep

Never fear, no worries here

It’s not like I need time to eat!


All is well, ignore the smell

It’s not like I require a shower

Oh my, gotta go so he can take a nap

‘I know, don’t bug you for three hours’!!

Copyright© 2006 K.M. Scheuer



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