Home Of The Light

Home Of The Light

She burns a candle in her window,
A mother, a sister, a wife
And she prays in quiet moments
That her boys would live in her life.

Her brother was first,
Lost in 14’s early days;
She lit the first candle
And prayed her brother would make his way

Back. Her sons were so young,
All three under five,
1918 when their father,
Her husband, was no longer alive

And a second candle burned
On the windowsill each night,
That her husband, her brother
May follow that light.

And she waited still
As hostilities rose again,
She wept as she watched her three sons
March away, could she stand yet more pain.

Two candles soon became three
In the summer of ’41,
Her eldest boy was the next to be taken,
Listed, missing in action…

Came ’44 and the big push for victory,
Her youngest boy was cruelly taken.
Another candle glowed on that very night,
Only one left, unforsaken.

Every night she prayed
Before going up to bed
After re-lighting four candles,
“that would lead my boys home” she said.

War is so cruel
And in the Spring of ‘45
She prayed so hard and thanked God
For one of those sons still left alive

That he would be home with her soon
As the war reached a climatic end,
She lit a fifth candle
Her help to her son, she’d lend,

To bring home the last of her men
Who would help her shattered heart;
And, as she prayed there’d be no more war,
The decimated families war kept apart.

The days became nights that turned into weeks
There was still no word from her surviving son
And as the fifth candle died,
She felt so undone.

Two days before war’s final cessation,
Came the very last telegram of all,
“died a hero, you should be so proud”
Of the son who had answered the call…

And fifty years on, so alone,
The candles glowed so bright
As a heartbroken mother, sister, wife
Prayed still each and every night

That her boys would all come home
End the loss she could no longer bear;
One day, the sweet old lady passed away
And her family are now home once more,


They say on misty evenings
In the stillness of night,
One can see five candles aglow
That led the lost to the home of the light…

Copyright © tcmoon 2012

Ron Matthews 


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