Panic Attack

Panic Attack

Easy now breathe your way through it let the tears fall

don’t worry about the shaking of your fingers HEY!

Stop try to think you get nervous can’t see through the

tears  keep breathing or the pain will start oh gGod

please not the pain inn my chest like a viswe

gripping and sqeezing keep nbreathing keep 

breathing keep breathing heavenly father hallowed

be I can’t think please help me please keep breathing……


Copyright © 2012 K. M. Scheuer


(All spelling and punctuation left as original to the state

of its creation. Seems important to the point ~ Kyla)



{For any of you reading this who have or do suffer panic attacks, you already know this; for those who never have you should be aware – they last a whole lot longer than this little piece implies. This is merely all I was able to type before it got too bad for me to continue typing anything legible. I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking panic attacks are short little events. They can last, for me at least, up to 10 or more minutes. When I had my very first panic attack 5 years ago, I had no idea what was happening and I was terrified. When the vise grip started crushing my chest, I thought I might be having a heart attack at 36. Being schizophrenic, I feared I might be having a total psychotic break, which naturally caused me to panic even more. I was so afraid of what THAT could mean, I prayed for the heart attack. Instead, God sent me my eldest son, whom, although scared to death that I was dying because of my behavior, ignored my pleas to stay away from me so I wouldn’t hurt him. Instead he followed me, put his hands on my arm, my back and just kept telling me he loved me and begging me to be OK. I finally collapsed to the floor where this beautiful 10 year old just held me as I wept. I have never tried to hide my conditions from him since, and am able to be there for him now as he too has been diagnosed at 16 with most of the same mental issues as me. Aren’t genetics grand? But he knows I understand and that he can talk to me about what he is going through because I have been there.THAT is a gift.}


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