“Earth Before Birth”


Earth Before Birth

“Earth Before Birth”

I wonder how I was before my birth,
I wonder how I looked upon the Earth.
A big round planet, with such big girth.

A world so round
A place I must be bound,
with people all around.

Was I able to look around?
Choose the parents I found?
Choose the place I was born; Safe and sound?

Since on earth we are born,
Our old memories seem to be torn.
But is there still part of the mind… That still blows the horn?
Of those memories before we were born?

For we all have had day-ja-voo!
Of our lives, before we are born; are revealed to me and you!
And we see all the good and bad we will go through.

Then I wonder even more.
Did we have a choice before we were born?
Be a person or be an angle with the Heavens to sore.

As an angle: God is whom we adore,
as a person.. Should do the same, but is given more.
Free will: and the right to choose to explore.

So next time you look up in the sky…
Look beyond the clouds, way up high!
Think of the place. You once did lie.

The soul is the key,
And one’s will is free,
So it’s up to us to see.

Where our soul is to go…
We do not know???
Be with a free will… Die in sin and it will go low.

Live your life right…
The Heavens will be your light,
and back to the Heavens to see; a World out of sight.

© 2009 Mar 22: Art And Poem written by Bryan R. Jenks of http://www.facebook.com/WISHLAMP of JENKS INDUSTRIES and can’t be copied without permission and without this line included with poem.


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