School Supplies

09.01.12 Well hello there! How are you? Doing well, I hope. Getting all those last-minute school items needed before next week? That’s what we’ve been doing. My mate and I have two whelps; a wonderfully crotchety 16-year-old and a still excited to learn all 6-year-old. Guess which one is fun to take shopping for school stuff? Think you know? I’m pretty sure several of you moms AND dads are both laughingly stating aloud, “Neither!”

Well you hit that nail directly on the head there!

Now, as much as I am certain of how much you all must be dying to read about the glorious antics and adventures that surely occurred during the joyous shopping excursion for school necessities required for the continued proper educating process of my two exceptionally ‘angelic’ offspring, I cannot provide any such details as my current declining health provided me with the ultimate inability to ‘tag along’ and endure said torture.

Sometimes I thank my Heavenly Father not just for the wondrous Blessings bestowed upon me in my life, but also for the not so wondrous Blessings as well. They all have their purposes and reasons, I get that. 🙂

09.06.12 So, you start one of these thinking you have all this spare time here and there, but every time you try sitting down to type whatever it is you want to say ~ no time! What be up with that?!? Forgot to post this (the 09.01.12 log) before heading up to my folks last week. One of the worst parts of my illness is the memory shit. No matter how much I joke about the damage to my brain, the memory lapse shit really annoys and frustrates me! And I know some people take advantage of it, which I will prove eventually! I may be broken, but I am NOT stupid!!! GRRR!!


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