Strolling the footpath side by side
A busy world unfolding around us
Your warm strong hand slipped into mine
An escort through crowds so oblivious

Dinner went smoothly, great food and wine
Banter gave way to deep meaning
As tales of how we became who we are
Opened doors, setting a mood for the evening

The lightest touch, your hand upon mine
Our eyes coyly glance a quick meeting
Stroking my skin, senses heighten in song
Silent music, our lonely hearts beating

Nervously taking me up for a dance
Bodies draw close, but not touching
Desire in rhythm as passions stir strong
Heat is rising, pulses are quickening

Eyes locked together, souls open to gaze
Lured by the scent of your being
Fire light dances as fingers entwine
Tension builds, my chest begins heaving

Compelled to be one, your breath on my face
Heads tilting, provocative and hungry
Lingering there, our lips gently brush
Longing smolders to wildness and frenzy

Tenderness refines explosive embrace
As voices reduce to a whisper
Lost in the moment, honest and true
As love continues growth deeper


Copyright © Michelle McCormack 2012


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