Song of the Day-Prince and the Fall of Night



Song of the Day-Prince and the Fall of Night

I watched as Day did bravely fight
against the black and evil Night,
dark beast that comes to steal the light,
and shivered where I lay.
For fire raged the battlefield
as Day beneath his bloodied shield
to demon Night did slowly yield
and, dying, shrank away.
There in his waning embers’ glow
the dreaded deep began to grow
and shadowed all that lay below
in terror’s icy prison.
The Night-beast’s power steadily grew
and deepest dark around me drew
when suddenly hope sprang anew
for the Moon had just arisen.
Fresh from the courts of Day he came,
a shining knight of noble fame,
and in his hand a silver flame, 
the sword of Glory Far.
And with this Moon-bright blade he bore
the borrowed cloak of Day he wore.
There at his side rode a thousand more,
the captains of the Stars.
Long the Day-warriors fought the Night.
The beast lashed back against the Light.
And I stood shivering at the sight
of the struggle so intense.
Over the fields of Night they raged,
the Moon-knight and the Stars so brave,
against the Knight-beast’s hordes enslaved
and wounded the darkling prince.
Though dealt a blow that evil beast
fought on and thought at last to feast
upon the slain of Daylight’s least,
these soldiers of the Light.
But lo! From the east! His minions fled
as the Day-Prince rode in livery red.
And with his thrust the morning bled
’til he stood before the Night.
Then face to face and blade to blade
stood the Day-Prince ‘gainst the Night arrayed.
His ‘venging hand could not be stayed.
The battle now was done.
Thus battle-scarred and worn and weak,
with broken wing and battered beak,
the Night-beast, with its dying shriek,
surrendered to the Sun.


Copyright ©2012 Maya Rodriguez (Rupel)   


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