The Colors of the Day




Today is a blue day.

It started out brown and grey as my stomach refused to keep food and sustenance in again. It’s been like that since Sunday; if it isn’t vacating one end, it’s vacating the other. (Yet my tummy still manages to appear as if I’m 5 months pregnant! Which I am not to my knowledge, BTW). It is a rather sucky way to feel, perpetually nauseous, tired and week. The very thought of food, or worse-the smell, sends me racing to the bathroom praying I’ll make it before vomiting all over the wall this time.

And yet, as utterly awful as feeling like that is, it is still preferable to the feelings that accompany the blue days. And by 1:00pm, the today, out of nowhere my day turned blue. Blue days really suck.

I wonder if it’s just because of being ‘sick’ for so many days……

😀 And the Lord heard the silent tears fall as my soul wailed its torment; a torment that had stopped the keystrokes from continuing their lament as the despair was about to suffocate me. The phone began to ring. I almost didn’t answer, wouldn’t want to spread these blues. But I check the caller I.D. and see it’s my mama, the one person who spreads the sunshine without even knowing how she’s just pulled me out of the brink and saved me from drowning, again.

Every day I thank God for knowing just which Angel to send me and when. I am so grateful  and I know I can handle this not so blue day.


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