My Soulmate, My Sole Mate

Some may think I’ve lost my mind
Or I’m the biggest fool,
But then, they’ve never met the kind
Of man I found in YOU.
They’ve never tingled when you said,
Their name nor ever heard,
How our two hearts were gently led,
Without a spoken word.
And I suppose they’ve never felt,
Their molecules converge,
The hardest heart of stone would melt,
Them one by one, but purged
Into what they would only hope
Or dream in fantasy
As I sit back and watch them grope.
They are too blind to see
That love can be within their reach
Yet something they can’t grasp,
So not to mar the perfect peach
But only lightly clasp.
Then only for protection,
Should troubles rise to claim
Or threaten with extinction
When they play it as a game.
No wonder that the good ones
Then, get sifted through the sands
Because of some sadistic fun
It fell on cruel hands.
It’s for this reason, this alone,
I offered you my heart,
I saw a true and honest one,
Because you stood apart.
Now if you ask me all the whys
I’m of the lucky few,
I’ll say I opened up my eyes,
And saw inside of you.
Copyright ©by Naomi Hinshaw-Hersh


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