The radio crackles into life
As I turned the dial,
Then magic breathed from speaker one
Was I prepared for the extra mile?
The lyrics wrapped me like a
Synthetic stole, caressing
The strings of my aching heart,
Felt like your lips, kissing
Mine; once again.
“The love I lost” Teddy sings.
I watched a grey sky purge
To pastel and blue. I remember you.
The warmth of love floes. A rebirth.
I looked at the so long lost
Photograph. Your pretty smiling face
I had not seen since that last day,
Many years hence, in our place.
I love you.
And all those old feelings
Subdued for so very long,
Fires my heart, my eyes teared
As I sing to you, our song.
Can you hear me singing
In the rich moonlight?
Always and forever,
My girl, every day I miss you
And love you every night.
I was lost. Alone. I am lost.
The radio continues to play.
The photo; I often wondered 
If I would see this day
And as it duly arrives,
Sadness betrays my heart.
The song. The photo, oh why
Did we break apart?
Such love, such love
The love I lost…
With a solitary click, the memory fades.
The radio’s performance is ending.
Clutching the photo, to my heart, with tears,
Guess I’ll just go on – pretending
You love me, as always,
As ever. I love you
The real love I lost…

© tcmoon 2012 Ron Matthews     


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