When I’m Gone


Through the course of our lives, we experience many joys and many hardships.

Although we fill the air with much laughter, we balance it out with the tears we shed;


When I’m gone

let my last words ring,

“In my absence,

Don’t cry, just sing.

Although I tried with

all my heart,

In this world I was not

a part.

With my leave I only ask,

For the completion of my life’s


See the love I could not show,

Feel the love that would not


Know the joy of being there

When needed by those whose

lives you share.

Open up your thoughts

and dreams,

And let your tears flow

freely in streams.

But if you chose to lock it

all inside,

Then just like me you soon

will die.

Don’t be the fool I chose

to be,

‘cause you’ll find you’ll

never be very happy.”


Copyright ©1991


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