Good-Bye My Friends


People have words that come

To mind when they need to

Say something they can’t.


People have actions that

They can display when words

Just don’t seem to be there.


Here I sit, within my mind

And I am at a loss for



You are friends I found when

I thought I wasn’t looking

And now I must leave you both.


There’s so much I want to

Say, or maybe things that I

can do to express what your

Friendship has come to

mean so soon.


But here I sit, at a loss

For all; I want to laugh

I want to cry

Part of me feels foolish

And wants to hide.


You’ve shown me so much

In actions and words

And helped me in ways I

can’t say.


In the friendship I’ve come to

Value quite dear, you both

Have found a place.


I can’t speak for you, but

In my heart, I added a

Permanent memory.


Remember that friends

Can love friends dear.

And despite short time

I love you two.


(Written for Dave Pederson

and Cesar Andujo—6/17/93.)


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