Summer Ecstasy (Rated R or Maybe X ~ Mature Content)


With the waves crashing

against the shore,

The seagulls above us

end their days’ soar.

With the setting of the sun

Our wildest dreams are now


As your T-shirt is swiftly

slipped over your head,

My blouse is unbuttoned with

no words to be said.

While your hands caress

my skin so fair,

Your lips burn hot on

my shoulders bare.

I gracefully lower myself

onto my knees,

Then proceed to unfasten and

remove your jeans.

Taking your hand

I bring you down,

The song in the wind

is the only heard sound.

A little towel between us

and the sand,

We may finally give in

to our body’s demands.

Once my skirt is removed,

We begin to explore;

To touch and feel and taste

and adore.

As your tongue glides over

my hardening breasts,

your fingers explore my

opening ‘til wet.

Then pushing you over

onto your back,

My soft, moist lips slowly

bring you erect.

As you carefully mount me,

my legs spread apart;

When you enter me so gently,

So quickens the beat of my


Thrust after thrust,

our pleasures increase;

Our dreams, our desires,

our lust finally cease.

I feel you within me,

Your erection explodes;

My body is content—

My being is now whole.

Copyright ©1990


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