50 Years Together

(For my grand-folks,

Harold and June Miller)


After so many years
The love still holds strong.
After so many years
This love can’t be wrong.
Through good times and bad
We’ve fought all together;
Through happy and sad
Us, part? We shall never.
Though there have been times
When our fights seemed so grand,
Together through all
We shall forever stand.
50 years have now gone by,
And yet, still, we continue to rise.
Our children have grown,
Their children we’ve known;
How grand have been our lives.


(This poem was written in 1990, for my grand parent 50th anniversary but was stored away by my grandpa for safe-keeping after I rolled my brothers’ car trying to get there to give it to them. The paper was covered in my blood, and I wanted to re-type and re-frame it, but he wouldn’t hear of it.  After he died in 1993, it sat in the drawer of his dresser untouched until my grandma died in 2000 and my mom and I found it while cleaning out her apartment.)


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