A Theory of Christmas


Everyone has their own idea of Christmas and what it means. I don’t know how the story of Santa Clause, the North Pole, the reindeer, and all that got started; but this is what think of when it comes to Christmas.

Christmas is known by most to be the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Today, when a child is born, the father runs around giving cigars to everyone to somewhat express his happiness.

When His son was born, God gave the world a sense of peace, joy, and good will. Most of the world still receive that gift every year on Christ’s Birthday.

Children aren’t always able to understand this though, so God tried to give them a small gift as well so they could share in the joy along with the rest of mankind.

The problem with this idea was that in all His awesome beauty and greatness, some of the very young children found God an overwhelming and frightening figure.

In order to approach the children without scaring them, God appeared in the form of a jolly man, full of cheer, who made the children giggle with delight. He came across as a saintly person who promised joy to the good girls and boys, yet was always there for everyone who came to him.

This is my theory of Christmas.

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