Most Precious Gift

(For Brandon)

Precious little child
only needed to be loved
Simply needed to be cared for
as a parent usually does.

Precious little child
Left all alone,
Locked within a closet
when the parents were not home!

Precious little child
A Blessing tossed aside;
Feelings of rejection
forever filling him inside.

An ever-loving grandmother
whose children are all grown
Swoops down like an angel
to give this child a home.

Precious little child
feel the love she holds for you;
Let it fully fill your heart
and heal the deepest wounds.

Twelve years later, at fourteen
You act brash, course and tough;
Yet deep down inside
shines a diamond in the rough.

And thanks to this angel
whose guidance forever lifts;
This child knows a mothers’ love,
her most precious gift.

Copyright © 2005



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