Nightmare Prophecy


Acid rain falls upon the ground
Blackening all that was green
Choking the very life out of all
Death now claims—
Flowers that once bloomed so brightly
Grasses across meadows afar
Healthy people fallen
In the streets and across their yards.
Jesters all of us it seems
Kings of kingdoms now gone
Lying in pools of our own waste
Murderers everyone.
Nobody chose to heed the words
Of those whom tried to warn,
Pollution is poisoning our very air
Quit leaving all the forests so bare!
Replant, replenish, and recycle you fools!
So few believed what deep down we knew,
Too late we realize the damages done
Undo our poor choices we cannot
Victory goes to the destructive
Ways we have continuously wrought!
X-ray the Earth and see the truth
You and I have so carelessly used
Zombies we have all become.

(An Abecedarian)

Copyright © 2004


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