(To my most recent of Heavenly Blessings)

I dreamt I died and went to heaven
Blessed so am I;
While I was there I met an angel
whose spirit mirrored mine.

“I’m lost,” he said.
“Where do I go?
Do I have a family?
Do I have a home?”

“Of course you do my angel boy,”
I assured him earnestly;
And somewhere deep within my heart
I wished he belonged to me.

“But I’ve looked everywhere,
And then I asked God!
He said I should come this way
and I would find my mom!”

I felt my heart-break
at the sound of his voice,
“You could be part of my family,
if that might be your choice.”

Feeling him slip his tiny hand in mine
I awoke to the sound of a baby’s cry.
“Hush, hush Lucas, you’re home now;
sweet angel boy of mine.”

Copyright ©2006


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