Beloved Grandmother

(In Memory of June Miller)


“Let’s go for a walk

We’ll pick us some berries

Or hazelnuts or acorns.


Let’s go down the drive

Collect us some agates

Eat the honeysuckle or something more.


Let’s bake us a cake

Or maybe some cookies,

We could make some caramel corn.


You know, I hate to cook,

But I’ll almost do anything

For you kids whom I adore.


Let’s go to the garden

We’ll pick some carrots and radishes,

We can wash them to go with dinner.


Say, turn on the ‘toob’

It’s time for my wrestling

My Andre best be the winner!”


Too many memories

To put down in verse

Which are thought of so lovingly;


Thank you, Granny

For so many life’s’ lessons

And all you’ve meant to me.


I Love you so.

Copyright ©2000 


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