How Can I not?


(For Lucas)


How can I not

absorb your wet

kisses on my cheek?

(And nose, and chin…)

How can I not

be amused when you

suck on my shoulder?

(or chin or cheek…)

How can I not

smirk at your smile

when I stub my toe?

(or bump my shin

and almost fall…)

How can I not

burst into laughter

at the way you giggle

at the mere sight

of my bare breast?

How can I not

feel like the center

of the universe from

the way your face

lights up when you

see me smile at you?

How can I not

cry with you when

you are sad or hurting?

Then be tickled

pink when a mere kiss

seems to make

you all better?

With each passing day

I fall more

deeply in love;

with who you are,

who you will

grow to be.

I ask you simply

How can I not?


Copyright © 2006 


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