Forever crying

Feels like dying

Everything’s all

messed up inside.


Thoughts all jumbled

Voices mumbled

Forever cascading

downhill we all slide.


Darkness surrounding

All encompassing

Anger and rage with 

nowhere to hide.


Fever is rising

Blood is boiling

Heavenly Father! Make

these feeling subside!


Darkness fading

Racing heart calming

God’s love fills a

soul opened wide.


Copyright ©2012


7 responses to “Faith

  1. WOW– this is deep. have sometimes experienced this…only God can and will close the wounds of trying to “replace” what is already mine with someone else. Only He can keep me safe from giving into temptation. Excellent work!

  2. Faith is the festival
    that gets celebrated
    In the lands if nirvana everyday ….

    We become a means
    to an end that’s written
    in gold in eternity …

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