When The Fairy tale Ends


Upon a day, I think I smiled

a smile that was really true.

Upon a night

I’m sure I laughed

a laugh that was real, too.

Upon an age,

I believe there once

was a place

where I belonged.

Yet here today

I’m all alone

Those times are now

long gone.


Once upon a time gone by,

I’m sure I do remember

Experiencing something

Deep in my heart,

And feeling

My happiest ever.

Yet, that too

has gone on ahead,

And all I know now

is sorrow.

Now, forever I cry—

As in my mind—

I dread each and

every tomorrow:


There is no


Copyright ©1994


5 responses to “When The Fairy tale Ends

  1. I have felt this too- And now crying few and far between… What do we do? Hearts beat- but … It’s no longer enough… There is nothing left-

    • I have been quite fortunate since having written this poem; I’ve found that my capacity for love is more vast than I ever could have imagined, as is my ability to forgive. My fairy tales never end anymore ~ they just change. 😉

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