Silent Serenade ~ a collaboration


This hedge of deep-black roses,
with fence and thorns confessed,
must now be grown between us;
we both know this is best.
*Our passion burned intensely
An inferno that met no bounds.
The constraints we chose to forfeit
Ignited all love and compassion around.*
The morrow we’d imagined
we know must be swept aside.
So forgive me, Love, that behind this hedge
I must take myself and hide.
*Entwined with sprigs of Baby’s Breath,
This hedge stands eight feet tall,
Prepared to plea we try again
I climb, get pricked and fall.*
My prayers wish they don’t stab you –
those thorns amongst the stems.
So please don’t lean hard on this hedge
if even as a friend.
*My Love, how I long to be with you
But alas, ‘tis not to be our fate.
Let this single white bloom be a symbol
Of history’s purest love to date.*
I remember times I was surprised
by my chest’s demanding heave
when, impatient with the matter,
tactless, it reminded me to breathe.
*So handsome was this prince
Perched high upon his steed,
Awakening deep within me
A forbidden desire and need.*
So stunned by your mere presence,
askew at what I’d seen,
beholding things before me
fathomed only in some dream.
*Our secret barefoot strolls in the meadows plush and green
With a mere crescent moon and stars lighting our way;
Hand in hand we spoke of our future desires,
My Love, you stole my very breath away.*
My resolve now seems to wane.
Please, remind me why we part.
This memorial now means much more
than was intended at the start.
*A promise made before my conception
Has made me your brother’s wife,
Please know my heart will forever be yours
As beside him I spend my life.*
Copyright ©2004 Rodney S. St. John

& Kyla M. Scheuer


3 responses to “Silent Serenade ~ a collaboration

  1. I love poetry collaborations… they are some of richest texts I have read.
    And this is such an admirable example of one. Wonderful lilting rhyme scheme and cadence… for me, fatal.

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