The Search


Where the sun

goes down,

and all is


the thought

is of flight;

from them,

from Here,

from there.


But is leaving

the answer?

Yes, it is the

only way.

There is peace


But where?

Definitely not here,

certainly not there.


Beyond is

is the only place;

somewhere between

here and there,

away from all.


It’s known

and shall be


as the

bright light



Say not



“Another Day,

another place,

another world.”

   Another day,

another place,

another world.

.Copyright ©1986


2 responses to “The Search

  1. you just wrote about colgogn i love it take me away… on a more serious note what you wrote was thought provoking so true too your feelings permented right through your fingers and expressed it well good job.

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