Pixie Dust



Most times we’re happy

 And life is good

But should hard times befall

They hit like a flood


Such times like these

We could all use a lift

May our pixie dust

Fulfill this wish


Just close your eyes

 And let your mind open

Toss some dust in the air

And let all of your hopes run


Made from the Love

We all hold for you

The fantasies that

Help dreams come true


When the hardships of

 Life are bringing you down

Think of us ‘Pixies’ and

Sprinkle this dust all around.


Feel the magic around you. 

Copyright ©2003 



One response to “Pixie Dust

  1. The magic of dreams offer such delights
    and with the sprinkling of hope there is nothing
    in this world that cannot be fulfilled…

    A very sweet poem my friend 🙂


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