Payment Required, WTF?!


Once upon a time

Several decades past

You loved me as I loved you

A love you swore would last.


You treated me like a lady

Showered me with gifts and love;

During courtship, you made me feel complete,

I was certain you were sent from Above.


I’m tired of wasting

my tears with the why’s!

Since when am I a whore

instead of your wife?


I don’t deserve to be punished

for being sick,

So how about you stop

being such a dick!?


My health will get better,

don’t discount my faith!

So if things don’t start changing,

I’m leaving, post-haste! 

Copyright ©2012



5 responses to “Payment Required, WTF?!

    • I take it you’re in a similar predicament? I am sorry to hear that, no one should be made to feel guilty about having a debilitating illness. It’s not like we have control over that type of shit, we are already suffering, why does it have to be magnified by loved ones knocking us down as if it is our fault somehow?
      Thank you for sharing, I hope we both get past our hardships. 🙂

  1. Whenever darkness is cast
    the true worth of others are
    realised. This poem is deep
    and yet it is written with the
    knowing that life can be so
    much better without the one
    that understands little…

    Have a lovely rest of weekend 🙂


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