A Schizophrenic’s Lament


Do you really not see

What you’re doing to me?

What you’re doing to our son;

to our entire family?


Do you not feel

the tension in the air?

The fear your family shares?

Do you really think it’s fair?


What’s it going to take

to open up your eyes?

Is our love not more but lies?

Should we just end these family ties?


I did not ask to be

plagued by such disease!

Nor did I intend to

pass any on in my genes!

But then again,

Perhaps I’m wrong;

after all my faith is strong.


And then there is this flip side…


Ever give thought to

the rage that you invoke

With the words that you misspoke,

Or the demon you’ve awoke?


You promised to love,

honor and cherish!

Now your moods are so cruel

Our family may perish!


Time to pull your

head out of your ass!

We became ill;

For this, we didn’t ask!


And oh, BTW,

You have two sons

Not one.

So much love

You once shared

With your cruel

tongue you’ve undone.


Don’t even bother your

threatening bullshit!

I’m not the one

you’re able to scare!

You’ve pushed us too far

So you’d better prepare!


We’ve had enough!!

 .Copyright © 2012


schizophrenia (1)



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