Lovers’ Tango


Butterfly kisses

on the back

of my neck

Fingers tracing

lines in a

gentle caress

A hand playfully

cupping the swell

of my breast

A tingle

A shiver

as I respond

to the heat

of your whispering


I feel as though

I am melting

as you pull me

into your arms

An embrace

rough with desire

made tender

by your charms.

“I love you”

I hear you


as you nibble

on the lobe

of my ear;

“I love you”

I coarsely whisper

for only you

to hear.

I fall backwards

onto the bed

in response to your

gentle shove

My back arches


ready to receive

your love.

And so we begin…

Copyright© 2006 


Love Is In The Air


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