Big Hug


Electric shocks

shoot up my arm

down my back

Pain exploding


Holding back the

tears as my

body screams in


I smile.

I don’t want to

frighten the sweet

little boy with

his sweet little

pain inducing


“I love you, Mommy”.

“I love you, Sweet Pea”,

I whisper back.

A single tear escapes,

falling atop

the child’s head

as his embrace


“Big hug!”

he whispers.

Copyright© 09.19.12




4 responses to “Big Hug

  1. Hi! john from the Book of Pain poetry blog ( here. Got a message that you dropped by and liked my poem “eye to eye.” I wanted to drop by and say thank you, (Thank you!)

    This poem blows me away. Very powerful throughout and the ending ‘“Big hug!”/he whispers.’ is incredible.

    I am so sorry for your distress, but thank you for sharing that with us. I am humbled by it.


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