I Remember…


I remember your smile

So tender and sweet

I remember your laughter

And it makes me smile

I remember your hugs

And how safe I felt

With your arms clasped

Tightly around me.


I remember your touch

As you held my hand

So gentle and reassuring.


I remember our dance

How we moved with

the music

And I remember not wanting

to let go.


I remember your eyes

As they looked into mine

And the words it seemed

they with held.


I remember our kiss

So tender and frightened

As we tried to admit how we felt.


I remember the joking

As friendship began

I remember the talks that

helped the bond grow

And I know the emptiness

my heart now feels

Since the day we said



I remember wishing

Time could hold on

And give us a chance

to explore the persons

Hidden inside.


But instead I’ll remember

the time that we had

And cherish the memories


Copyright ©1993


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