Traveling Back

Several years ago my sister and I were in this writing workshop to improve our writing skills.

I was given a challenge to write about something in my life that had a major impact on me and

altered things in a significant way. This was the product of that challenge.


(To those who have had to face suppressed memories)

Your eyes feel heavy
you’re completely safe here.
All sound is muted
but for my voice in your ears…

Regression, transgressions.
I don’t think I want to know!
Please don’t make me go!!

*I’m in my parent’s basement
asleep within my bed,
because of his violations
he sleeps on the couch instead.
But wait!! Who is that touching me?
WAKE UP!!! Oh God, the pain!!
He’s here, my anus! It’s bleeding!!
On the shelf, is that Vaseline?!
How could my own husband
do such a horrible thing to me?!?!*

Shhh, easy now. You’re safe here.
Back further, tell me what’s happening?”

*I’m in moms’ room on Third Street;
No! Don’t touch me there!!*
“But your mother likes when I do this.”
*(Sob) I wish my mommy were here!!
Your her boyfriend, so for her it’s ok,
But her child you shouldn’t be near! (sob)*

“Shhh, there’s no need to cry now,
It’s only a memory.
Let’s try just one more time.
Tell me, what do you see?”

*No, no! I don’t like it! Stop please!*
“Come on honey, it’s okay. Just let me…”
*No! Don’t touch me there, please let me go!! *
“You insolent little brat! Who do you
think you’re talking to!?!”

“Shhh, take it easy. Everything’s
going to be alright—“
*Enough. I have to go.
Some memories are best left alone.*

 Copyright© 2004




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