Speechless by Maurine Killough

Words I couldn’t have said any better to my little sister…


i always knew
what to say to you
my sister

your problems
so easy to me

you inspired my advise
and big sister wisdom
you let me hold you
let me believe I could fix all your problems
let me boss you
toss you the bones of what
had been true for me

your problems
your life so easy
if you just listen to me

you accepted my speeches
my sermons
and chants

your problems
so easy to me
i knew just what to say

until the day
you went beyond my reach
used the cancer words

after he cut you he said
the margins are bad
they are bad

and today
for once
your problem, my problem
slams me like a machine

today for once
i open my all-advising mouth
and i don’t have any idea
what to say

See more of Ray Ferrer at http://urbanwallart.wordpress.com/

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2 responses to “Speechless by Maurine Killough

  1. Kyla, thank you for your interest in my most recent poem. I want to make sure to give proper credit to the artist, Ray Ferrer, for the amazing drawing that accompanies this piece.

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