Your Addiction


Dearest child, I watch you

as you’re falling

into the depths

of a bottomless hole;

Each time you offer

your body and pride

I fear you lose

pieces of your soul.


What must I do

to help you see?

What can I do

to make you understand?

In the direction you’re going

you’ll never be free!

At the pace you are going,

it’s your death that’s at hand!


How can I save you from yourself? 

Copyright ©2012



6 responses to “Your Addiction

    • It started as a relapse, now I fear I’m losing her. I hope yours is stronger, but if you think it will help, send away. Too many young ones are stolen from us by these nasty drugs. God bless and keep you and yours.

  1. Well mom.. a few months later posting this here I am reading this.. Well I am sorry, addiction is tough and strong. I was strong but, well it took me under. 17 years old and look where I am. For people who read this, this is about me, Please take this seriously…
    Love you mom.
    – Kaileyy

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