Oh What A Night!! Mystic Styx


So, last night 12.28.12 in Mystic Lake, MN my friend Marianne and I attended a Styx concert. Incredible show, we had a wonderful time and actually made it through the entire show without any of our anxieties kicking in and causing us to need to leave early. We were so giddy over that!

I can’t remember the last concert I went to; either; Lori Morgan at Mystic or Kenny Rogers at Black Bear near Duluth. That one was outside, but it was still a great show. My portfolio of concerts isn’t very big, especially alongside Marianne’s! WOW! Chickie has been to a serious number of concerts! I am in awe! We reminisced about seeing the Grateful Dead as teens and how lucky we were that we had dropped our hits of acid on the floor while our friend Gary had gobbled up his right away and almost died that night. My guardian Angels worked over-time for quite a few years in my youth as I danced along many self-destructive paths. I’m 42 and have been to maybe 8 total, 9 if you count an opera. What the heck, let’s go through ‘em: Metallica was my first opened by Queens Ryche – OMG! SO AWESOME!!! Beach Boys w/Stamos on drums, Highwaymen, Kenny Rogers, ASIA or REO Speedwagon, Grateful Dead, Lori Morgan w/Sammy Kirshaw and now STYX; yup 8, plus the opera Carmen. I’m versatile! 😀

We then chatted a bit about well the three remaining original band members appeared to have aged and how well they still sounded, much better than we had actually anticipated; and next marveled over all the electronic devises that lit up and flashed throughout the entire show despite all the many signs posted forbidding such things. I wished I had brought my camera down with me but alas, I was a good girl and left it in our room, oh well.


♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Kyla ~ ♥ ♥ ♥







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