I keep coming up with nifty little poems in my head as I roam about the house trying to also make mental note of the chores that need doing; and by the time I get to my ‘poetry notebook’ where I write-up my first poem drafts, I can’t remember how exactly or what all it was I had composed in my head. I’ve tried the whole ‘carry a recorder around with me’ thing, but that never works either; I tend to forget to hit record or-I stop myself because I really don’t care much for the sound of my own voice-unless I’m singing. I think I sound kind of nice when I sing sometimes, but I don’t sing my poems when I’m trying to compose them, so that doesn’t do me much good now, does it? And the irony of that is that if I attempt to write/sing a song, absolute crap making no sense whatsoever! Now what’s up with that shit?!!? 

♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Kyla ~ ♥ ♥


10 responses to “Musing…?

  1. well how about carry a small notepad and pen, and when you think of these – write them down. Many song writers say they always have a notepad by their side. John Denver used to write lyrics while driving his car and later flying his own plane. I have poems come to me as i try to sleep at night, as I lay awake thinking of whatever. Then I fall asleep and they are like tiny snowflakes that melt away from my consciousness as if little fairies that just come to visit me and kiss my nose or face,only to disappear forever…

    • I usually have a notebook by my bedside because I compose in my dreams alot and sometimes I am able to remember bits and pieces when I first wake up, so I would write them down right away and then see what would come to me when I looked over them later while fully awake. Note pad is a good idea, thank you. 🙂

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  3. Let the dust bunnies run, dear Kiki, and don’t be your own critic.
    I read someone, yesterday, from the quotable past, who well said:
    ‘If you don’t do what you want to do, the time will pass anyway.’

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