The Women of Time


The women of time 
Offer enchants warm and sublime 
Still reminding me of all that had been mine
My mother, so dear, hath shown me through tears
There’s so little in life left to fear
For love is as old, so I’ve been told- as life’s first fondest memory
Through her own eyes
I saw her unveil the disguise- to teach me of life’s abstract faceted symmetry
Then came a day I took notice of a woman’s hips sway 
So, I then began to pray- in my heart she may live and stay
Though, today I still say, I still miss her each day. It is time that is hell-bent to betray
And so it is to the few 
Who hold on to what they knew- latch tight to those loyal and true
As a heart is inclined to pursue- love, when we feel it due
The warmth of assurance 
Becomes displaced by abhorrence 
Whilst memories of love remain in lieu

Copyright ©Jason Kratz



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