Parallel Universe: (Men and Women)

A year later, news about “Our” relations,

what relations?

You see, she’d never admitted

knowing him, at least no more than friends.

who’s that? – Just a friend

but this answer won’t suffice

not if I know this woman, it’s nothing.

A few days later, I’m banned from Ever

Seeing her again, and we’re just friends.

Of course I slept with her.

But she doesn’t need to know that

she finds out anyway and all hell breaks lose.

You’re not the man I thought You were

Guilt tripping – but I never cheated.

You just didn’t need to know

Crazy woman,

I say to my friends, they agree.

Then scurry home fiddling on their phones

deleting any proof and evidence of

transgressions and indiscretions

yet what happens when we’re out

stays out. I shouldn’t and you

never would!

So I guess you didn’t meant to,

never mind how I didn’t make you feel.

Parallel universes, men and women,


Copyright ©Joe Slow 2013


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