Love’s Promise



Why must love always…

…cause such immense pain?

We love one another so fiercely;

Has it driven us both insane?


To see you suffering…

…day after day;

Trapped in a past I

not only can’t remember…

…nor can either of us

ever truly erase.


Knowing I care for a friend;

Whom wrongly desires more from me…


So deeply in love with all…

…the complicated women who are me;

And forever terrified of failing…

…the fragile inner child;

Who embraces all…

 …so lovingly and blindly.


With everything I am

I Love You!!

I’m so sorry you

have so many

reasons to doubt.


Someday, I know

You won’t.


K. Scheuer ©01/24/2014






2 responses to “Love’s Promise

  1. oh – I ache just reading this. Had to go over it several times, but I know that I know this… have lived it and maybe still am. it can only come from the soul… beautiful writing, but hang tough my friend.

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