We Adopted “Flute” in 2001, renaming her Kizmik. We had recently lost my baby (cat) Mia, so Clint took Logan and I out driving to cheer us up. While we were driving around, Clint noticed that Petco was having puppy adoptions that day, so he stopped. The puppies were in the back where Logan raced off toward instantly. I just happen to notice the kittens by chance, so I told Clint I would catch up. And then I happen to spotted this 6 toed tabby.  The next thing Clint knew I was walking toward him with a new kitten in my arms.

Now, I need to point out that I served in the USAR back in 1990-1995 and have had minor hearing issues ever since.

When I named Kizzy, the word I was thinking of was Kismet, but it always sounded like kizmik to me. I’m kind of an odd duck and for me to actually have ended up going home with that little kitten that day, to me it seemed like fate and that was what I wanted her name to mean. Clint, bless his heart, loved me too much to correct me; i had been quite depressed and he was so happy to see me happy.  She had been rescued from an abandoned crack house and was the only one from her litter to have survived. I think that’s, but I’d have to double check with Clint. He went back and talked with the adoption people while I went with our son Logan (kitty in my arms) to pick out some things for the new kitten as well as something for the two older kitties at home. 🙂

I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea here; there was no replacing my Mia. To this very day I still have her ashes in a box on a shelf and I still miss her. The farm where we had gotten her had already promised my husband a specific kitten from Mia’s sister’s new litter. but they were only a week old so he had to wait. When we talked to Logan about it, we explained that Mia could never be replaced, but maybe the kitten(s) would help distract us from our pain. And fro Kizzy, she needed a lot of work in the beginning with trust and nervous issues. Perfect fit with our family! 😀 She was a beautiful spirit and I miss her so much. 

She had a cold for about two weeks, but then it appeared to clear up. That was a month ago. Kizzy left us on Saturday 3/1/2014 and I can’t stop the pain. Everything throws me into a torrent of tears and wails that defy rational logic. But I’m not very rational on a regular day these days, lol. And emotions are never logical, male or female, period. 

No Glasses

Peace, love and blessings
♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Kyla ~ ♥ ♥ ♥


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