Our Funky Abode

First order of business; if you have not read the book ‘Dreamcatcher’ by Stephen King, do so. Secondly, and this is crucially important, Secondly-check out the movie ‘Dreamcatcher’ based on the novel by Stephen King. (Keep in mind that libraries have audio versions of the book for folks that are super busy or maybe a tad too lazy to actually read the book. I found audio books made rush hour traffic a joy rather than a pain in the ass my last few years of work; and now they are great for working around the house. Kids catch themselves paying attention to the stories despite themselves, lol). 😉 I know it would be easier to just watch the movie and think you know the story, but those of you out there whom are avid readers and have had a favorite novel put to film know, the movies always cut shit out. Sometimes it’s not too awful, but sometimes it’s so bad you just want to bitch slap everybody involved, including the author for allowing the hatchet job (I felt that way about a few of King’s books that became movies-The Tommyknocker’s and Needful Things, both phenomenal books are among the worst movies). But I suppose the movie would be fine for the purpose of ‘a basic general concept’ of the brain filing references I’ll be making; and this is all assuming, naturally, that you get confused and feel you need the reference. If not, well then, never mind; that’s just one of my OCD issues. 😉

The programs on television these days that have somehow qualified as entertainment…I’m utterly stupefied sometimes. We’re all morons so desensitized to all the shit we should be outraged by, and outraged by shit that is mostly bullshit, misleading propaganda. I don’t think propaganda is the correct word…damn! I hate that!! Hopefully you get my meaning cuz the ‘better’ word isn’t coming to mind right now and if I continue to think (obsess) about it, it never will. (I’m learning, ha ha! 😀 ) (06/08/2014)

I really thought I could get this whole thing done and posted yesterday! I might be learning, but I’m not particularly thrilled with the speed. (06/09/2014)

I might actually get back to my initial point of this post at some time, but it won’t be right now. Right now I’m irritated so we’re gonna go off on a different tangent. Actually, a few different tangents just because I can and I’m feeling bitchy! I will state in advance for those egos that get confused and think everything they read is directed specifically at them that this is an in general type of rant not intended toward ALL men, women, teenagers, etc. So try not to get your undies in a bunch please and thank you.

I would like to know why it is such a difficult and death=defying ordeal for a man to step up, admit or acknowledge that life is hard and full of unexpected curve-balls that just plain fucking suck and make you depressed?! Seriously, is that so fucking hard??!!! Admittedly, my estrogen levels seem low as I seem to be trying to “fix-broken-emotions”, which is usually a Y chromosome mistake, so perhaps that’s what this is. Bizarro poetic karma-Menopause vs. Manopause cosmically timed at the same junction in life for the entertainment of The Watcher’s to see whom will be victorious within the family. I have firmly decided to remove myself from the equation as several hours have passed since my flare of irritation. However. The tale that was begun still burns in our…designated rooms (part of our abode), therefore it still burns within the whole of our mind and so we still want to write it. If nothing else, it might provide a chuckle or two, and it keeps me distracted (which seems to be a very important thing right now…I think my irritation is returning…I don’t care much for that.)  😦  (06/10/2014)

“…And a swing, batter, batter and a-a-a-a miss!!” I don’t remember the things I wanted to share. I got interrupted by something and by the time I was able to write Clint was home. I don’t write when he gets home, I’ve developed an issue that I haven’t figured out how to surpass yet. I have a lot of severely annoying issues that I can’t seem to figure out how to surpass. I believe I can say with a decent amount of confidence that Feelings like these are shared by a vast number of folks all over the world which I find saddening; but I also find it comforting. I know I am not alone in my suffering, and when I pray for strength, comfort, guidance, etc.; I know God hears my heart and blesses the world with his Love, Compassion, or whatever it is they need. This helps me not allow myself to indulge in a wasteful skinny dip in a pool of self-pity. That never bears any worthy fruit.

Good grief I make my own head hurt, too much fucking noise!!! ‘Our Funky Abode’ isn’t working apparently, cuz if it were…(was?)…then everything would not be so damn loud! We built this awesome mansion type place-alrighty then…apparently Satan has moved in, giggidy!!-with separate rooms for all of us. Its design on the inside is inspired by the T.A.R.D.I.S., Warehouse 13 and my slightly more glorified version of Sanctuary’s castle. It is supposed to be organized, however, it appears we have many, many bugs to work out….  

Good thing I started seeing my therapist again, I so suck at trying to handle this shit by myself. Good lesson though-Mental Illness – Trained Professional = FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair) me. (06.11/2014)



Peace, love and blessings

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Kyla ~ ♥ ♥ ♥



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