There is no reality
Only an illusion.
There are no boundaries
Merely an array of delusions.

There are no truths
Everyone is a liar.
There are no cures
Yet everyone’s a buyer!

There are no lies
Should you choose
to go on being blind.
Yet should you open your eyes,
Read between the lines,
The truth could turn you as mad as I…

Kyla Scheuer ©06/28-29/2014





2 responses to “Waking

  1. That is really awesome stuff, Kyla and I happen to believe all that shit. But it occurs to me that it may have been painful writing that stuff, like maybe you were angry about that stuff and you just wanted to put it on paper to get out of your system and organized elsewhere. I wish I could ease your pain, you know heartbreak, because your physical pain, is way out of my league and I don’t deal narcotics, not that you or anyone you know would want my narcotics. But if you have heartbreak, you are certainly entitled, but is not your heartbreak, you know, if you had it, the result of trying to have or be normal? You don’t get to be normal. You get to be normal like I get to be normal. What helps me with my abnormality is constant thought of others and what I might do to help them. Mostly the greatest help I can give them is a break, and when I try n ot to be too hard on them, I find it easier to not be so hard on myself and the people I care about, like you. Love you. T

    • I love you too. And you do ease my pain, everyday, simply by loving me-flaws and all. The rest is mine to carry. I have a better understanding of things; healing powers of the farm 😉
      When I am blessed with the clarity to actually complete one of my pieces, it is my hope that by sharing them here, hopefully I am helping others. I think that’s why I struggle twice over when I can’t write; I feel useless to gain “a brick” from all the suffering making it pointless. I have a better view point now. 🙂
      I miss you. Don’t I owe you a dinner? ❤

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