Can You Tell?


What a fool I am.

Do the two of you

mock me and laugh?

Do you finally feel better?

Have I been sufficiently

punished at last?

You’ve won your game,

The dye-namite has been cast;

You’ve chosen your prize

while I died in the blast…


yet like the Phoenix

from the ash

I rise once more

to kick some ass!!

My Heavenly Father has

Long ago blessed me!

I get to see the Angels

He sent to watch over me!

They help me draw strength

from the pains that I suffer;

so with every trial passed

I learn, grow and am ‘tougher’.


Within me now I feel

His Holy Spirit swell;

Yes, my love, you broke me,

But a shattered, empty shell?

No. I am healing now, and

I know someday I’ll be well.

I am stronger than I think,

Can you tell?

 K. Scheuer ©08/28/2014


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